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Delay: The Game Has Changed
The TC 2290-DT is a groundbreaking new concept from TC Electronic: a versatile hybrid delay solution featuring a dedicated hardware interface, DAW plug-in integration, and powerful Signature presets for instant inspiration and sonic character. 
Capable of delivering just about any delay type you can imagine, the TC 2290-DT makes it easy to rev up your tracks with anything from brisk repeats to complex rhythmic delays and emotive modulated soundscapes. With its ergonomic tactile controls and spot-on tonal accuracy, the TC 2290-DT gives you total control over your delays, as well as the creative freedom to experiment and explore to your heart’s content.

Hybrid delay solution based on a classic
A hardware-controlled plug-in that brings TC's celebrated TC 2290 dynamic delay to your DAW, the TC 2290-DT is a comprehensive delay solution for your preferred audio software with a high-quality hardware controller that features a tactile interface with the genuine look and feel of the legendary TC 2290 delay rack unit. At Sweetwater, we find ourselves using the TC 2290-DT as a musical instrument unto itself — and it's a blast to "play." Your projects will take on new sonic dimensions with the TC Electronic TC 2290-DT.

TC Electronic TC 2290-DT Hybrid Delay Features:
  • Hardware-controlled plug-in brings legendary TC 2290 dynamic delay to your DAW
  • Comprehensive delay solution with extensive modulation capabilities for your music software of choice
  • High-quality tactile interface with the look and feel of the classic TC 2290 rack delay
  • Signature presets by world-class artists and engineers
  • High-res input/output meters for precise signal monitoring
  • DAW tempo, automation, and project recall support
  • Award-winning TC Electronic algorithms for cutting-edge sounds
  • Class-compliant USB port for connection to Mac and PC
  • Standard VST, Audio Units, and AAX plug-in processing
  • Compatible with all major DAWs
  • TC's 3-year warranty
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark
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